"An extra sense… for media that matters."


At Lateral Line Productions…

We Blend Cutting-Edge Technology with Imagination.

ON TIME. ON BUDGET. ON THE MONEY. Clients deserve nothing less. In an age where video is everywhere and content is plentiful, creating a dynamic media experience that grasps a viewer’s eye and keeps their attention is key to winning their hearts and minds. However, at Lateral Line Productions, we’re not satisfied with films that simply keep an audience’s attention; we strive to develop pieces that motivate audiences to take action, to reach out for more knowledge and to help our clients live up to their mission statements.

We offer versatile support in Producing, Writing, Directing, Sound Recording and Post-Production* Services for a diverse clientele that have needs for the following:

  • The morgue. POVDocumentaries
  • Narratives
  • PSAs
  • Advocacy Films
  • Commercials and Web Promos

  • *Note: Post-production services include Editing, Sound Design, Color Correction and Graphic Design.