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About Us

Hi there.

We love stories: listening to them, watching them, shaping them.
Our goal is to help you craft your story in a way that inspires, captivates and motivates your audiences to take action. Our core team is small, which allows us to scale up or down as projects need. Sometimes it takes a crew of two, sometimes 30. Whatever it is, we'll make it happen for you...

On time. On budget.
On the money.

Favorite project: Director of Photography on NatGeo Wild's "Trackers" series. Spent three months chasing lost pets through the woods. Outcome: Two broken cameras, no broken bones, one rescued chihuahua.

Founder, Director, DP

Dustin Harrison-Atlas

The Core Team

John was the director of photography on the award-winning feature documentary, "Seeds!" After traveling the world, he came back with amazing footage, and giardia.


John Napolitano


Andrea Palombella


Andrea’s two favorite things are strategy and creativity, with coffee a solid runner up! She’s currently producing a feature-length documentary about toxins in cosmetics, called PRETTY UGLY, in her “free time.”