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Lateral Line Productions

About Us

Hi there.

We love stories: listening to them, watching them, shaping them.
Our goal is to help you craft your story in a way that inspires, captivates and motivates your audiences to take action. Our core team is small, which allows us to scale up or down as projects need. Sometimes it takes a crew of two, sometimes 30. Whatever it is, we'll make it happen for you...

On time. On budget.
On the money.

Favorite project: Director of Photography on NatGeo Wild's "Trackers" series. Spent three months chasing lost pets through the woods. Outcome: Two broken cameras, no broken bones, one rescued chihuahua.

Founder, Director, DP

Dustin Harrison-Atlas

The Core Team

John was the director of photography on the award-winning feature documentary, "Seeds!" After traveling the world, he came back with amazing footage, and giardia.


John Napolitano


Andrea Palombella


So organized, it's nuts. Andrea once dropped the ball just to see what it was like.