Dustin Harrison-Atlas

Creative Services

What we do.

Lateral Line Productions

Once the footage is captured, we begin shaping the story in post. With your input, we work our way from rough cuts, to fine cuts, to picture lock.


We assemble the crew, select appropriate equipment, manage the look and feel and capture powerful, moving images that impact audiences.


Ideas start with a conversation and make their way on paper. We storyboard, location scout and conduct pre-interviews before filming.


Whether you're looking to host a video on your website, distribute on social media or broadcast on TV, we'll handle everything from ad buys to uploads.


Beautifully-mixed sound takes your video from good to great. We care so much about sound that our mixes are done by a world-class audio tech in Austin, TX.

Sound Mix

Once the story edit is locked, we work with the best graphic artists in the business to bring the content to life. Snazzy graphics make a big difference.

Graphic Design